Given the tangible value we bring, our clients
partner with us long-term through the different stages
of their organizational growth and evolution

Given the tangible value we bring, our clients partner
with us long-term through the different stages of their organizational growth and evolution

Celebrating over 25 years in business, Caliber’s founders have
75 years of combined experience working with local and global
organizations of all sizes from a wide range of industries and geographies.

We have worked with leaders at all levels – founders, CEOs, executive teams, functional leaders and Board members – to develop their impact both individually and collectively. We have designed business, leadership and talent management systems that fuel organizational transformation.  

Our mission – to facilitate organizations and individuals to achieve their full potential – has not changed since the start of the company in 1998.

We have had the opportunity to partner with many amazing leaders and organizations on their journeys of growth and transformation while we continue to pursue our own potential as entrepreneurs.

Our mission – to facilitate organizations and individuals to achieve their full potential – has not changed since the start of the company in 1998.

We have had the opportunity to partner with many amazing leaders and organizations on their journeys of growth and transformation while we continue to pursue our own potential as entrepreneurs. 

Our Team

Heather Hilliard


A powerful and pragmatic expert in leadership and organizational development, Heather finds practical solutions to workplace challenges and fast-tracks results for her clients. Her clients rave about her innate ability to cut through the chaos, quickly conceptualize exactly what is needed, and provide clear, tangible direction in every situation.


Heather has over 30 years experience working with executives and HR leaders on a wide-range of projects. Her client base includes start-ups through to global organizations with thousands of employees from every industry.

Heather’s clients partner with her over multiple years and phases of organizational transformation, a testament to the value she brings and her capacity to support sustainable growth for her clients. Her broad expertise and unique approach make her an ideal fit for clients who feel stuck in their stage of growth, experience frustration or dysfunction, and are ready for a clear roadmap to evolve their business and their teams.

More than a consultant, facilitator or coach, Heather is a strategic thinker who can step in to ‘lead the leaders’ when necessary to bring about change more quickly.

She innately understands what an organization and its people need to transition. She has a proven track record in demonstrating her ability to not only give them guidance on what to do but to provide hands-on support while they change behaviors and embed the infrastructure to transform how the organization functions and performs.

Along with and in addition to her work with organizational clients, Heather works 1:1 with individuals and leaders who are looking to advance or pivot their career, navigate workplace challenges, and achieve their full potential using Caliber’s proprietary neuro-psychological approach to human development.

Heather is a frequent speaker at business, professional and industry events where she shares her thought-provoking insights and practical strategies based on a wealth of experiences. She is the co-author of several books and a regular podcast guest.

Heather attended Ivey School of Business at Western University. She obtained designations as a Certified Human Resources and Compensation Professional.

Dr. Anne Dranitsaris


A leader in the field of developmental psychology, Anne is an expert in behavioural change, personality type, emotional intelligence, leadership and personal development. Her clients recognize her innate ability to simplify the complexities of human behaviour, provide accurate insights and clear direction, all while ensure they stay on track towards their goals.


For over three decades, Anne has worked extensively with leaders at all levels, providing individual coaching services, facilitating Caliber’s small group leadership coaching programs as well as a wide range of leadership development programs. Her expertise in assessing leadership competency and determining the exact roadmap for development has been relied upon by a wide range of clients including start-ups, entrepreneurial firms and globally-based publicly traded companies.

Affectionately named “The Oracle” or “Yoda” by her clients, Anne brings a lifetime of study, “psychological savvy,” and hands-on clinical experience to every client.

Anne works with individuals and companies to help them understand how personal dynamics impact on relationships, interpersonal, team and organizational effectiveness. She conducts interventions and mediation for clients who are experiencing business challenges as a result of conflicts within primary relationships (partners, leadership groups, teams, boards, etc.).

Anne’s expertise lies in her unique approach to helping clients work through issues caused by unconscious self-protective negative patterns of behavior, codependence, and Imposter Syndrome, to name a few.

Anne is a prolific writer and has authored many books on personality type, leadership and achieving potential. She is a frequent speaker at professional and personal development events as well as on podcasts.

Anne holds a Post Doctorate Degree in Therapeutic Counselling and is a graduate of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy and studied at the Masterson Institute for Disorders of the Self (New York). She attended Ryerson University and the Institute for Management Training for organizational development and management studies. Anne has also completed certificate programs in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Alternate Dispute Resolution. She is certified to administer a number of assessment instruments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, BarOn EQ-i (Emotional Intelligence Indicator) and Thomas Kilmann (Conflict Styles).

Elena Meskovaite

Business Manager

Elena has been a member of the Caliber team for over 6 years. She plays an instrumental role in managing all client projects and ensuring the quality of client deliverables. In addition, Elena brings her creativity to the design of our marketing and client materials. Our clients appreciate her exceptional service and commitment to excellence.


Why Choose Caliber

At Caliber, we look at organizations as dynamic, growing organisms with their own unique culture, identity and ‘normal’ behaviours. Our approach is based on a biological metaphor—that organizations, like humans have a predictable pattern of development over their life span. And like humans, they have different needs and a crisis of growth during each stage of their evolution.  

We attend to the present and future needs of the organization and the people who work in it to deliver tangible results to our clients. No matter where your organization is at today, we will give you the strategies and tools as well as the support you need to get to where you want to go.


We help you understand why leaders and employees behave the way they do, shifting the focus from symptoms to addressing underlying causes and actual issues. We then help your people develop, grow and thrive in your organization to maximize your success.


Caliber works to design integrated leadership systems specific to the needs of your business and your people.
We understand the inter-connectedness between effective systems, structures and practices, and people’s behaviour and contributions.


All consultants these days promise to deliver tangible results. At Caliber, we go one step further, providing you with the step-by-step road-map to accelerate the transformation in your business as well as the leadership and expertise to make it happen with you.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

The unique perspective Caliber offers comes from their ability to understand both the business and the complexities of leadership dynamics. Working with Caliber, we have implemented customized solutions focused on aligning our leadership practices with our strategies and guiding principles. These approaches have had a tangible impact on our leadership effectiveness and results.

Chief Financial Officer, Aviation Company

Caliber was highly recommended to us by people in our industry when we were looking for a leadership development expert. In fact, two different people recommended Caliber. It was clear they knew what they were doing and would give us approaches that were right for us. It was the right choice and they continue to add value to our business..

Head of Construction, Real Estate Development Company

I have had the privilege of working with the people at Caliber for over 15 years… Caliber's commitment to service excellence and customized business solutions have since made them a vital partner in our business – to the point where we no longer consider working with anyone else on organizational development issues and projects.

Global Head of HR, Logistics Company

Caliber has been a valuable partner to work with as we drive toward alignment between our culture and our brand. Through the use of their diagnostic tool to assess employee engagement levels and their expertise in designing solutions to support employee engagement, we have been able to accelerate this cultural change and position the company to become an Employer of Choice.

VP, People & Culture, Hospitality Company

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