Are your leaders too permissive?
Still believe you can do it all yourself?
What's Your Entrepreneurial Style?
Introducing our new 'Leading with Authority' Program

At Caliber, we offer unique, pragmatic solutions that help entrepreneurial organizations and leaders to break through limiting patterns to achieve their full potential.

We put leaders back in the driver's seat of their businesses or teams by implementing disciplines that drive results and shifting behaviour to maximize organizational performance.

We provide you with the step-by-step road map to accelerate the transformation in your business, as well as the expertise and leadership support to actually make it happen.


The burden seems to have fallen onto the shoulders of leaders to be parents, career counsellors, cheerleaders and caretakers whose mission it is to support employee success. This has engendered Permissive Leaders who resist their natural impulse to assert themselves and lead, instead muting their power and fearing the emotions and reactions of their employees when they step up. At Caliber, we have the solution.


While our services may be familiar, it’s our unique breadth of organizational expertise combined with our deep understanding of the drivers of human behaviour, that ensures our clients get practical, pragmatic solutions at the right time in order to realize immediate value from their investment.

A key Caliber difference is in our approach to implementation. Most management consultants will design a system, and give it to their client, collect their fee, and walk away. We believe in helping our clients every step of the way to implement the solutions we create with them. We see this as a vital part of the process.

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