Many consultants simply look at an organization through a single lens. They see it as a machine with a set of systems to be designed and adjusted. Or, they may focus solely on the behaviours that are desired to achieve outcomes and then try to have everyone conform. Too often, solutions are imposed from the outside without considering the dynamics, systems and emotions behind the behaviours.

At Caliber, we look at organizations as dynamic, growing organisms with their own unique culture, identity and ‘normal’ behaviours. Our approach is based on a biological metaphor—that organizations, like humans have a predictable pattern of development over their life span. And like humans, they have different needs and a crisis of growth during each stage of their evolution. 

We attend to the present and future needs of the organization and the people who work in it in order to deliver tangible results to our clients.

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It has been proven that sustainable competitive advantage comes through engaging the talent and energy of your people in unique and hard to imitate ways. We help you understand why leaders and employees behave the way they do, shifting the focus from symptoms to addressing underlying causes and actual issues. We then help your people develop, grow and thrive in your organization to maximize your success.

Systems are the core of your organization and create the environment for the release of talent and energy. Caliber works to design integrated leadership systems specific to the needs of your business and your people. We understand the interconnectedness between effective systems, structures and practices, and people’s behaviour and contributions.

All consultants these days promise to deliver tangible results. Indeed, almost everyone has gotten better at aligning actions to the bottom line. At Caliber, we go one step further, providing you with the step-by-step road-map to accelerate the transformation in your business as well as the leadership and expertise to make it happen.

About the Caliber Team

Celebrating 20 years in business, Caliber’s founders, Anne & Heather, have over 65 years of combined experience working with local and global organizations of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. Our specialties including leading teams out of chaos and dysfunction, supporting the successful transition through each stage of growth, and increasing the impact of entrepreneurs and leaders based on a deep understanding of the drives of behaviour and brain development.

Our missions – to facilitate organizations and individuals to achieve their full potential – has not changed since the start of the company. We have had the opportunity to partner with many amazing leaders and organizations on their journeys of growth and transformation while we continue to pursue our own potential as entrepreneurs. In addition, Anne & Heather co-created the Striving Styles™ Personality System and co-authored 2 books Who Are You Meant to Be? A Groundbreaking Step by Step Approach to Discovering and Realizing Your True Potential  and So, You Think You Can Lead?, which was recently released in April 2019.

We design infrastructure to facilitate growth. Caliber works with clients to transition existing systems, processes, behaviour, and structures to prepare for and master the next stage of organizational growth. It is our unique consulting approach that has brought clients back time after time as their business moves through the natural stages of organizational development.

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