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Join Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard, co-author of So, You Think Can Lead? and Principal of Caliber Leadership Systems, as she shares…

“The truth we uncovered about why leaders are not dealing with employee entitlement  despite how frustrating it is!”

“Based on our work with over 1,000 leaders, the real reason why EVERYTHING you’ve tried to FIX your employee’s behaviour is not working (atually made things worse!)”

“Why this revolutionary breakthrough technique WILL WORK for you NOmatter how entitled your employee or how hopeless your unique circumstances seem!”

Join our next FREE training webinar…

It has never been more challenging to be a leader, or more frustrating. We get it – not only have we helped thousands of leaders to get the performance they need, every time, but we are leaders too! Our mission is to give you the power and wisdom (as well as the tools!) to lead in any context.

Join us for this live masterclass during which we share the secrets of eliminating employee entitlement, as well as to show you step-by-step how to lead your employees in order to get the performance and behavior you need. You will get access to our performance-based leadership tools as well as the framework for establishing your authority as a leader.
Ideal for any leader looking to immediately shift the behaviour or performance of employees.
You CAN become the leader you were meant to be! No matter your employees, your boss or your organization! The Quick Start Program will get you moving on your path to build your ability to lead with authority and potency.
Discover your leadership style, its strengths and blind-spots and how it impacts your behaviour as a leaders.
Learn about your adaptive leadership persona and how it undermines your effectiveness as well as specific strategies for shifting to leveraging your full potential.
Get the tools and build your capacity for establishing authority as a leader and getting employees to follow you, no matter your level of experience or how entitled your employees may be.
When you enroll in the Quick Start today…you can get some huge bonuses (limited time)!
Most leaders have not received the training and support to navigate the complexities of leading people. Whether its having the difficult conversation, dealing with their resistance, resolving issues or addressing emotional reactions, YOU CAN learn the skills that you need to be highly effective when faced with these challenges.
Discover your leadership style, its strengths and blind-spots and how it impacts your behaviour as a leader as well as your approach to mastering key leadership skills and competencies. 
Master our fail proof approach to leading employee performance and behaviour that maximizes employee engagement.
Get the tools and build your capacity for communicating, resolving issues (with anyone!), giving effective feedback and setting direction – regardless of the skills and personalities of others.
When you enroll in the Leadership Foundations Program today…you can get some huge bonuses (limited time)!
It takes commitment and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone to truly develop what it takes to master leading with authority and potency. This 12-month, 49 module program that includes extensive access to live group coaching will get you there.
Based on the 6 Pillars of Leading With Authority, this program gives you the training, practice and personalized support that will radically change your effectiveness and impact as leader, as well as your satisfaction and enjoyment of the role. Designed to help leaders to stop adapting and feeling powerless in their roles, you will learn how to use an extensive set of leadership tolls that will boost your confidence and capacity to lead, and give you what you need to fully achieve your potential as a leader.
Note: this program is NOT for everyone!
Limited enrollment opportunities available as participation is limited to maximize the coaching support that you receive.