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Caliber Group Coaching Program for Professionals

The Performance & Career Foundations Program is designed specifically for employees seeking to enhance their impact in their roles as well as to develop the core skills essential for progressing to the next level in their career and/or into leadership roles. 

The Program provides participants with training on seven areas critical for success in any role and at any level of the organization. It is ideal for any organization looking to enhance employee performance, eliminate ineffective behaviours and/or fast track readiness to progress.


Taking a whole brain approach, the program provides a series of individual and small group sessions that engage participants in their development as well as holds them accountable for practicing between sessions in order to master the new skills and behaviours. Participants utilize their actual experiences as the basis for applying the new skills and then are required to practice in between sessions, thereby allowing them as well as their managers to see immediate impact from the program.

This program is ideal for:




Advancement of Women


Advancement of Other Groups


1. Self-Awareness Building including assessment of work style using Striving Styles Personality System

2. Personal Goal Setting

3. 6 Group Coaching Modules covering emotional intelligence, self-leadership, communications, issue resolution, performance mastery and career development.

4. Progress Review & Development Plan

This program can be offered in a variety of formats in order to meet the needs and locations of the participants. The program is available virtually as well as on-site, and can be customized to integrate with retreats or other organizational events.

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