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Stop Trying to Be a “Great” Leader

By: Heather Hilliard          
March 6, 2019 
  2 min read 

We hear this again and again from our clients. They tell us how great they are as leaders, how they know what they are doing and that they are perfect in performing their roles. In the next breath, they talk about how frustrated they are, how powerless they feel and how hopeless it all is for them as they cannot do anything about employee performance or organizational dysfunction.

It is time to get real.

We need to stop judging ourselves as leaders. We are not good, bad or great. Instead, we need to re-frame and replace judgement with descriptive language like effective, misaligned, accurate, high-responsive. We need to peel off the layers of ego, self-deception, self-inflation and adaptive behaviour so that we can emerge as leaders, honestly and with integrity.

We need to start Leading with Authority.

An approach that is based on practices of Conscious and Authentic Leadership, Leading with Authority requires the courage to face the fact that sometimes we are acting from our ego — being obliviousness to facts; insisting on your own agenda; lacking objectivity; acting from prejudice and discriminating against those who are different; being excessively concerned about outcomes without regard for people; and using emotions or misusing power to get what you want. Without consciousness, you can’t distinguish between the needs of your ego, self-protective behavior and right action for people and the organization.

Are You Ready to Lead?

While many people strive for leadership roles, few participate in the development required to be a leader. Developing leadership authority and potency is a commitment to fully realizing your potential as a leader. It means recognizing the reality that leading is a profession that requires you to train, gain experience and mastery to be effective. It starts with you as a human being first, and supports you to demonstrate the characteristics essential to Leading with Authority.


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Originally Published on Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard’s LinkedIn Account – March 5, 201