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So, YOU Think You Can LEAD?

By: Heather Hilliard
March 13, 2019 
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Most leaders think they can just show up and lead. With the current orientation to developing leaders – which is basically providing little to no development – it’s no surprise.

Without effective development, leaders are forced to do their best. Sometimes this results in leaders feeling like imposters, while other leaders end up with an inflated notion of their capabilities and how “great” they are. They end of ‘acting’ like leaders using an adaptive leadership behaviour persona because they do not know what else to do.

Their Adaptive Leadership Persona, which is either Autocratic or Permissive is its style, creates limits and undermines their ability to actually be effective. Leaders end up focusing on being a ‘good leader’ based on what they think they should do or what will get employees to like them. This is absolutely the wrong frame of reference.

“Asking if you are an effective or competent leader changes the conversation from what a leader likes to think of themselves to the impact that they are having on the business itself.”

Leading is a human development process. It’s not something you can learn at a course of by reading a book. Leaders, after all, are human beings first, who engage in the act of leading to fulfill their roles.

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Originally Published on Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard’s LinkedIn Account – March 4, 2019