While most of our work with clients is customized to specifically meet the needs of the organization given its unique context and challenges, we do have several core programs and services that are client favourites. These programs have been developed to tackle the most widespread struggles and frustrations that undermine leaders and leadership teams in our client organizations. 

Many of our programs are available either on-site or virtually, and can be adapted for a variety of group sizes as well as for individual coaching. Our approach considers the brain organization and emotional drivers of participants as well as a comprehensive understanding of how the brain actually develops in order to ensure participants are able to achieve sustainable behavioural change.

Facilitation Services

Still Trying to Facilitate on Your Own?

If so, then you are not alone. Many leaders hold on to the belief that they can do it all themselves, including facilitating strategic planning or other meetings in which key issues need to be resolved. However, when you think of the cost of bringing all these people together, you want to make sure that your investment produces the intended outcomes. At Caliber, we have facilitated over 250 on and offsite meetings for clients covering a range of business issues and leadership challenges including the development of business strategy. We are experts in managing the process and the dynamics as well as articulating the outcomes in a way that drives action and accountability.

Our facilitation services are designed to meet your desired outcomes considering your specific context including underlying conflicts, dysfunctions and entrenched thinking. Contact Heather for more details – [email protected].

Any culture is a reflection of its leaders - their styles, preferences and behaviours. If an organization is going to shift the culture from habitual behaviours that no longer fit, then it must begin by changing the leaders’ own habits or behaviours, or change will not take place.