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Where Have All the Leaders Gone? LIVE

Today, it seems that every one of the leaders we work with are struggling with the effects of being too permissive in their leadership approach. Essentially, its as though leaders have disappeared and authority has become a dirty word in organizations. While some may argue that with all the millennial in the workplace, they have no choice, the reality is that this approach is costing organizations and leaving leaders feeling powerless to lead.

Join us to discover the root cause of permissive leadership behaviour as well as the implications for organizations finding this approach being used at every level of leadership. Learn what this means for our leaders today as they attempt to find a way to lead in an environment where employees seem to act with more authority than they do. Using real world examples from our consulting practice, we promise to both educate and entertain, while you learn practical tips on how to shift from permissiveness to leading effectively with authority.

Friday, February 22, 2019 @ 11:30 AM EST

*Note: If you cannot attend at the scheduled time, you may register anyway to receive the recording of the webinar within 48 hours of the scheduled date.