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The Discipline of Leading Performance

6 Key Strategies for Maximizing Your Impact

Each of us, regardless of our role in an organization, is responsible for leading performance. Even if its just our own performance that we are leading, it is not something that we can just learn how to do through osmosis and expect to master. Leading performance is a discipline that, more often than not, is missing from organizational practices in today’s work environment. This absence of effective performance leadership results in misunderstanding, chaos, frustration, disengagement, lack of empowerment and power struggles – not to mention an inability to achieve the desired results. It is never too soon or too late to build your capacity for leading performance in order to maximize your impact whether as a leader or an employee. Using the discipline of leading performance will also enable you to be more in control of your professional development and the achievement of your career goals.

In this 30 minute complimentary, recorded webinar, we explore the discipline of leading performance, the barriers to leading performance as well as 6 key strategies for maximizing your impact when leading performance in any context. You will learn how to lead your own performance as well as that of others, even when you are not in a position of direct authority. We share simple techniques that you can apply immediately in your role in order to master the discipline of leading performance.

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About the Presenter:

Heather Hilliard is the Principal of Caliber Leadership Systems and has more than 25 years of experience working with companies in the areas of behavioural change, leadership transformation, organizational development, cultural change and strategic business management. Her specialties include leading executive teams and entrepreneurs out of chaos and dysfunction, helping them to understand the behavioural dynamics at work within their business and to bring about meaningful change in alignment with the strategy. Heather is also a recognized and sought after speaker with a reputation for compelling her audience to move forward with her unique insight and perspective.