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Stop Blaming the Millennials

Leaders today are quick to blame the millennials – their work ethic, sense of entitlement and need to be coddled – for performance gaps and behavioural issues that exist in their organizations. But it’s not the fault of the millennials, and they are not to blame. Instead, we need to look at how leaders are failing to assert their authority and tolerating poor performance in their quest to be ‘liked’ by their millennial employees.

The negative stereotypes that surround this generation are relentless, with the most common accusations being that millennials are a lazy and entitled generation. Leaders have been bombarded with messages about how to lead millennials, given the perception that they are highly sensitive and easily offended, so their emotions must be carefully considered in any decision or interaction. Leaders have been told to adapt their leadership approach and focus on the happiness of their employees, or risk losing their millennials.

The result has been an increase in leaders complaining about their people, feeling powerless to get employees to perform to their expectations and becoming excessively permissive. It’s time to stop blaming the millennials for the fact that leaders are abdicating authority, avoiding decisions or delegating for fear of employee reactions, tolerating disrespect and insubordination and refusing to define expectations. Leaders are more worried about being liked by their millennial employees then they are being effective as leaders.

In this free webinar recording, we explore the dynamic that has emerged in leadership practices in reaction to millennials and all the stereotypes that surround them. You will learn how this new norm in leadership which is characterized by excessive permissiveness is causing havoc in organizations. In addition, we will explore different approaches to organizational systems and leadership skill development that will create a new norm in which leaders shift from self-protective behaviours to leading this generation with confidence and the authority necessary to achieve results.