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So YOU Think You Can LEAD?

Most leaders seem to think they can just show up to lead. But without development, leaders are forced to do their best and end up simply acting like leaders using adaptive leadership personas because they don’t know what else to do. Relying on their Autocratic or Permissive Leadership Persona undermines their ability to be effective, and keeps them focused on leading based on what they are comfortable doing or what will get employees to like them.

Sure, you’ll be able to act professionally when you have to, the operative word being “act”. But when it comes down to difficult situations, a lack of self-awareness will cause you to shift to adaptive behavior to deal with issues, manage conflict, and maintain your control. The thing about getting stuck in the bad habits of your Autocratic or Permissive Leadership Persona is that you never achieve your authentic potential as a professional leader.

Watch the webinar for an eye opening look at what it truly takes to develop leadership authority and potential. Discover what Leading with Authority looks like as well as the eight characteristics that every leader must master in order to maximize their impact and effectiveness. Learn how to get started on the journey of learning to be a leader who is Leading with Authority so that you can make the shift in awareness of what you need to do to lead effectively and with potency.

Recorded, Complimentary Webinar

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About the Presenter

Heather Hilliard is the Principal of Caliber Leadership Systems and an expert in behavioural change and organizational effectiveness. For over 25 years, Heather has worked with hundreds of executives and leaders from a broad range of industries to help them to transform their leadership impact as well as organizational performance. In addition, Heather is the co-creator of the Striving Styles® Personality System, a brain-based approach to understanding the drivers of behaviour and co-author of Who Are You Meant To Be?, and soon to be released, So, YOU Think You Can Lead?.