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Leading With Authority

Let’s face it. In today’s work environment, it has become popular to be permissive as a leader. Like the anti-authority movement of the ‘60s, leaders who demonstrate directiveness, decisiveness and position power are criticized and judged. To be characterized as a great boss means you tolerate poor performance, include everyone at all times and worry about employees’ feelings. The pendulum has swung from the autocratic leadership style of the past, to today’s new norm of highly permissive, ’empowering’ leadership approaches.

Permissive leadership is as detrimental to organizational performance and employee engagement as autocratic or paternalistic approaches. Leading with authority brings the pendulum to middle ground where leaders understand how to carve the right balance between directing and governing while inspiring and motivating, and between self-protective or fear-based response to employee emotions and demonstrating the skills to deal with a variety of difficult employee situations and behaviours.

In this 30 min complimentary recorded webinar, we explore what leading with authority looks like, how organizational practices cultivate permissive leadership and what needs to happen to shift leadership behaviours. As well, viewers will be introduced to the six pillars of leading with authority and the key actions leaders and organizations can take to end emotionally driven leadership practices within their organizations.