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Authority, Today's Dirty Word

There’s a movement afoot in business that is increasingly prevalent and problematic. We call it the anti-authority movement. It seems that leaders who demonstrate real power and authority are judged and thought less of, and those who make decisions based on how their people might feel are praised.

It may have started almost 10 years ago when leadership books started emphasizing that the key to successful leadership was in keeping employees happy. It likely gained momentum as new generations, especially the millennial entered the workforce, and started challenging the effectiveness of traditional, paternalistic approaches to leading. Regardless of the driving force, the abdication of authority by leaders is a real problem in organizations today as it undermines both performance and reputation, as well as fosters employee entitlement.

Watch this 30 minute complimentary  recorded webinar for a look at the importance of supporting leaders to effectively lead with authority based on real-life examples. Gain practical advice on how to help your organization’s leaders to shift from permissiveness and powerlessness to exercising authority in order to achieve greater performance outcomes and higher employee engagement.

About the Presenter

Heather Hilliard is the Principal of Caliber Leadership Systems and has 25 years of experience working with companies in the areas of leadership transformation, organizational development, strategic performance management and cultural change. Her specialties include leading executive teams and entrepreneurs to create the culture and leadership practices essential for achieving their strategy. She helps clients to understand the behavioural dynamics at work within their business and to bring about meaningful change in alignment with the strategy. Heather is also a recognized and sought after speaker with a reputation for compelling her audience to move forward with her unique insight and perspective.