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Anne and Heather meets for the first time

Anne and Heather meeting for the first time.

Caliber’s Principals, Anne and Heather, are a mother-daughter team, who met for the first time in 1995, almost 28 years after Anne had given her up for adoption at birth.

As they began to forge their relationship, they both recognized how much they had in common despite their separation. In particular, they both had a desire to help people to achieve their potential and were doing so in different careers, based out of different cities, Toronto & Vancouver, at the time.  

At the time, Anne had a thriving Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching practice, working with a wide range of leaders and entrepreneurs. Heather was a partner with Mercer HR Consulting, specializing in performance and rewards systems as well as building high performance cultures. 

Known as Sage Development Resources at the time, Caliber was started in November 1998 as a way to combine their unique expertise and create their own business model that addressed the frustrations and limitations that each was experiencing in their work with clients. From the start, their model focused on taking an integrated approach, blending Anne’s coaching and behavioural expertise with Heather’s organizational development consulting experience.

Twice recognized as on of Canada’s fastest growing companies, within its first 10 years, Caliber grew into one of Vancouver’s largest independent leadership and human resources consulting firms. During this same period, Anne launched a new business in the GTA, the Centre for Mindful Therapies, which offered a wide range of mindfulness related programs long before it was household word. 

In 2008, Anne and Heather made the decision to consolidate the business in Toronto, giving them the opportunity to work and live in the same city while they pursued another new venture together – creating the Striving Styles™ Personality System (SSPS™) – which helps people to discover their true potential based on the psychological drivers of behaviour, and leveraging an understanding of brain development to show people how to pursue their own path to living happy, successful and fulfilled lives (Learn more at WhoAreYouMeantToBe.com). During this same period, Anne’s visionary work on the Striving Styles™ was featured in “O” magazine, and this lead to them co-authoring their first book, published by Sourcebooks in January 2013, Who Are You Meant to Be? A Groundbreaking Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Fulfilling Your True Potential.

Since then, Anne and Heather have continued to work with client organizations and individual leaders to shift patterns and behaviours that limit growth, and to lead clients to greater organizational success. Individuals and organizations around the world use the Striving Styles™ to support individual, leadership and team development, either working with Anne and Heather, or with one of their local SSPS practitioners. Today, Caliber’s client base consists mostly of entrepreneurial or family-based organizations. 

As leaders in the field of personality, behaviour and organizational development, they continuously pursue speaking opportunities (Heather) and publishing books (Anne) that share their message in an effort to raise consciousness and help people everywhere to achieve their potential.

Looking back to when we first started, neither of us could have envisioned the journey that we were embarking upon. Now, with 20 years under our belt, we are extremely grateful to all our clients and our staff over the years, as well as our families who have supported our success and contributed to our ability to make an impact in each organization, and with each person, that we have had the opportunity to support on their journey.        
                                      Anne & Heather

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