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No Leadership Credentials Required

By: Heather Hilliard          
January 18, 2019 
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Leadership, like parenting, is one of the few professions that requires little to no training or experience prior to being placed in or promoted into the role. The fact is that most leaders have minimal, if any, training on how to be an effective leader before being promoted. Often, in our experience, it seems that the higher you go in an organization, the less leadership training people get when the opposite should in fact be true as leaders need to develop new capabilities with each progression. 

Setting Leaders Up to Fail 

Research tells a pretty dismal story of how organizations are setting leaders up to fail with their leadership by osmosis approach to development. In a survey conducted by Wakefield Research, of 500 middle managers in organizations with 500 or more employees, only 50% of those surveyed felt their leadership teams were doing a good or great job and 23% described the performance as poor or very poor. According to a nationwide survey released by Aon Hewitt, only 12 percent of respondents said their leaders are extremely effective at meeting business goals. That’s an astounding 88% that are missing the boat. 

Closing the Leadership Gap 

Instead of letting new managers take a trial-and-error approach that potentially leads to bad habits, organizations need to see leadership development as a key organizational strategy and prioritize the investment in approaches that drive sustainable leadership practices. This includes providing the opportunity to learn skills, practice, gain experience and be coached and mentored to develop effective leadership habits prior to progressing into a leadership role or before being promoted to the next level of the leadership hierarchy.   

Does your organization require leaders to be trained and experienced prior to leading others?  

How far in advance does your organization provide training to its leaders before promoting them?  

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Published By: Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard – January 18, 2019

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