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Permissive leadership is the equivalent of asking a child for their input on how the household budget should be run or telling them to cook dinner without showing them how to cook or going through the recipe with them. It isn’t leading, it’s abdicating leadership authority.

When we are permissive, we treat our employees like fragile children who are not motivated on their own to stretch and strive for excellence. Our experience is that most employees, regardless of what generation they come from, want and need effective leadership to help them succeed in their role and in their career.

Learn more about permissive leadership, its rise and impact on organizations as well Caliber’s approach to working with organizations to shift leaders from permissiveness to leading with authority.

Caliber’s Leading with Authority Program is a comprehensive, 12-week leadership coaching program that puts an end to permissive leadership

The program targets the development of brain functions and recognizes that emotions are central to human behaviour including the permissiveness of leaders. Taking a whole brain approach, the program includes a series of individual and small group coaching sessions that engage participants in their development and holds them accountable for practicing between sessions in order to master the new leadership behaviours and habits.

The specific program elements are:

leadership style assessment using the Striving Styles Personality System

90-minute, individual interpretation session

six, 2-hour group coaching sessions conducted at 2 week intervals

prework and homework between each session

specific post-program plan to be shared with direct manager

recognition for successful completion

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