Leadership Development Programs

Leading With Authority Program

Are Your Leaders Too Permissive?

Without exception, every one of the leaders that we work with struggle with being too permissive – tolerating performance that is not where it needs to be or behaviours that do not support the achievement of collective results. Of course, these leaders have what they believe to be sound reasons for accepting the status quo, or they are quick to accept responsibility when their employees fail to step up and deliver.

Over the past ten years, our team has focused extensively on helping clients to shift this pattern of behaviour through an integrated offering of training, coaching and performance management disciplines. From the Board-level down, we help to clearly define performance expectations, deliver clear feedback at all levels, develop new skills and shift from self-protective approaches to leading that undermine accountability and performance. We facilitate the conversations that leaders avoid and ensure the capabilities and processes are in place to follow through on execution and behavioural change, helping leaders to stop complaining about their people and instead, be empowered to lead.

Caliber’s LEADING WITH AUTHORITY PROGRAM is a comprehensive, 12-week leadership coaching program that puts an end to permissive leadership. The program may be held on-site or as an individual coaching program.  

The program targets the development of brain functions and recognizes that emotions are central to human behaviour including the permissiveness of leaders. Taking a whole brain approach, the program includes a series of individual and small group coaching sessions that engage participants in their development and holds them accountable for practicing between sessions in order to master the new leadership behaviours and habits.

The specific program elements are:

• leadership style assessment using the Striving Styles Personality System

• 90-minute, individual interpretation session

• six, 2-hour group coaching sessions conducted at 2 week intervals

• prework and homework between each session

• specific post-program plan to be shared with direct manager

• recognition for successful completion

Leadership 101 Program

Looking to Increase the Impact of Your Leaders?

There are many different workshops around that tell leaders how they should act in order to be better leaders. There are also many tools, skills, and behaviours that experts tout as critical to leadership success. However, there is a huge difference between playing the role of the leader correctly and leading authentically. The former takes leaders out of the driver’s seat and causes them to imitate the leadership style of others or staying in their own comfort zone despite not getting the results from people that they need.

Unlike most leadership development programs that take a rational approach and fail to bring about behavioural change, our approach targets the development of brain functions and recognizes that emotions are central to human behaviour. We take a whole brain approach, providing activities that engage specific areas of the brain and hold participants accountable for practicing in order to master the new leadership behaviours.

Our LEADERSHIP 101 PROGRAM is ideal for new leaders as well as those wanting to increase their effectiveness. A series of 6 – 10 modules, each session is limited to 6 participants to maximize personal support and coaching.

Entrepreneurial Potential Program

Bottleneck Leader - trapped in bottle

Struggling to Get Your Entrepreneurial Organization to the Next Level?

Entrepreneurs love to do what they love to do. That’s why they start their own business – they don’t want to work for someone else and be told what to do. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we can totally relate.

Based on a century of research on the brain and personality, we have discovered the 8 dysfunctional patterns of entrepreneurial behaviour that will ultimately get in the way of the success of your business. It is not a matter of if, but when, and our integrated approach will ensure your ability to leverage this knowledge to achieve the full potential of your business. Plus, as a bonus, it will help you to quickly eliminate the frustrations you are likely feeling about your business and your people.

Our ENTREPRENEURIAL POTENTIAL PROGRAM can be customized to your needs or you can join our online program which blends workshops with 1-1 coaching to ensure your ability to apply the learnings in your own business. 

Any culture is a reflection of its leaders - their styles, preferences and behaviours. If an organization is going to shift the culture from habitual behaviours that no longer fit, then it must begin by changing the leaders’ own habits or behaviours, or change will not take place.

Mastering the Drivers of Behaviour Program

employee fear, leadership fears

Want to Know What Really Drives Behaviour?

Most people still believe that it is our thoughts that influence our behaviour. If that were true, we would be doing everything that we think we should. In reality, humans are emotional by nature so its actually emotions – not thought or logic – that motivates us to behave the way we do.

As leaders, understanding why we and our employees behave the way we do is the key to quickly shifting and aligning behaviour to get the results you want. When we factor in the innate psychological needs of people, we are able to achieve greater levels of performance, reduce frustration and dysfunction, and eliminate entitlement as well as passive insubordination which is so common in organizations today.

Our MASTERING THE DRIVERS OF BEHAVIOUR PROGRAM is designed for leaders as well as individuals who want to be more effective in their own roles as well as in their impact in influencing and leading others. 

Working Together Program

Working Together - Dysfunctional Organization - employees fighting

Is Your Team or Organization Dysfunctional?

First off, no need to worry if it is. Dysfunction in organizations is perfectly normal. It’s the natural result of bringing individuals together. The great news is that eliminating dysfunction is easier than most people think. We thrive on working with clients to move through their dysfunction to high levels of cohesiveness and performance. Our approach surfaces the root causes, moving the group beyond complaining and generating pragmatic solutions that first stabilize and then normalize the group.

Our WORKING TOGETHER program is available as either a 3-hour or full day workshop. Participants complete the Striving Styles Personality Assessment to fully understand the drivers of the group’s dynamics and come out of the session with a clear roadmap to transition out of dysfunction. Learn more about our program options for teams and entrepreneurs.

Eliminating Organizational Elephants - Issue Resolution Program

Issue Resolution Eliminating the Elephant in the room

Are There ‘Elephants’ in Your Organization?

Sometimes we can be too close to an issue to effectively facilitate its resolution. As a result, it is common in organizations for issues to go unresolved, causing leaders and employees to work around the issue or for the proverbial elephant in the room to be ignored. The cost of not dealing with ‘elephants’ can be significant. Because of fear, employees and leaders don’t tackle the underlying issues, allowing the elephant to wreak havoc, unchecked.

Caliber is unique in its specialization of working with entrepreneurs and senior leadership teams to identify and eliminate the organizational issues that undermine growth, performance and engagement. Our expertise in behavioural change, organizational development and leadership effectiveness has led us to develop tools and techniques that work to immediately address the elephant.

Our Issue Resolution (a.k.a. eliminating organizational elephants) process can be used in combination with other programs and services or as a stand-alone approach.
Let us help you to eliminate the elephants in your organization so you can function to your full potential.

Other - Facilitation Services

stressed employees and stressed leaders

Still Trying to Facilitate on Your Own?

If so, then you are not alone. Many leaders hold on to the belief that they can do it all themselves, including facilitating strategic planning or other meetings in which key issues need to be resolved. However, when you think of the cost of bringing all these people together, you want to make sure that your investment produces the intended outcomes. At Caliber, we have facilitated over 250 on and offsite meetings for clients covering a range of business issues and leadership challenges including the development of business strategy. We are experts in managing the process and the dynamics as well as articulating the outcomes in a way that drives action and accountability.

Our facilitation services are designed to meet your desired outcomes considering your specific context including underlying conflicts, dysfunctions and entrenched thinking. Contact Heather for more details – [email protected].