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Strategic talent management is the process of aligning business goals and strategies with human capital needs to provide the organization with highly qualified people – not just today, but tomorrow, next year and five years from now. It sounds so simple.

At Caliber, we know that to be effective, the strategic management of an organization’s talent requires a comprehensive, targeted and integrated approach. It includes mechanisms to identify requirements – such as workforce planning – and it must be closely integrated with other elements, such as targeted recruitment and retention strategies, performance management and, most importantly, development initiatives.

Our clients greatly value the depth and breath of our expertise in organizational development when we support them with their talent initiatives. Unlike other firms, we build fully integrated, practical solutions for talent management that truly fit with your organization’s culture, capabilities and requirements; not stand alone, off-the-shelf solutions that fail to deliver results.

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Our areas of expertise include the design, implementation and facilitation of:

At Caliber, we understand the challenges that leaders face in managing individual and collective performance. Most of our clients struggle with the interpersonal conflict inherent in managing performance, or in knowing how to be directive while still maintaining employee engagement. As a result, leaders can end up being too permissive or feeling powerless to truly lead and manage performance. 

We work with our clients to build a disciplined culture of performance and accountability. Our approach to performance management is pragmatic, focusing on leveraging the right tools and process, while building the capabilities of both leaders and employees to maximize performance.

Great reward systems are a key attraction for talented people, helping to build commitment and foster retention. At the same time, they also  focus employee efforts on achieving goals and aligning behaviour with organizational values.

We carefully design your compensation strategy and programs to align fully with your business strategy, culture and leadership style. The end result is a solution that offers the best forms of rewards for your organization whether its through base salary, incentive, sales commission, long term incentive, or recognition programs. As well, we can help you build the infrastructure necessary including role descriptions, job evaluation, process facilitation and leadership training to ensure objective decision making.

Determining the best structure for your organization is never easy. There are a lot of factors to consider when assessing the current structure, identifying gaps in performance and deciding how best to approach the structure and design of an organization or a function in order to deliver on priorities and facilitate performance.

At Caliber, we have deep expertise in organizational redesign, role creation and translating business strategies and challenges into structural implications. Our experience includes the assessment of the people as well as providing communication, coaching and development services to support leaders to transition to the new structure effectively.

In today’s environment, it is critical that organizations proactively support employees to self-manage their careers in order to foster retention as well as to avoid entitlement and complacency longer term.

We help clients to design and implement processes aimed at defining career progressions and supporting self-managed development towards career goals. As well, we offer a variety of training programs and resources that support employees to take ownership over their careers and equip leaders to have honest and objective career discussions with their people.

Most clients struggle to have objective discussions about the performance and potential of key leaders. That’s where we come in. Our approach to succession management reflects our unique blend of expertise in behaviour, leadership development, organizational strategy, and performance management.

We work with CEOs and Boards to accurately assess the readiness of their leaders, and create robust, measurable development and progression plans. We facilitate the difficult conversations that are part of any effective succession management process.

Being able to make the right selection decision every time requires a clear process, defined selection criteria and role descriptions, customized interview guides, as well as skilled interviewers. Caliber can help with the design of your selection process and the tools essential for its success as well as training your leaders. 

As well, clients often engage us to support various aspects of their recruitment process especially for key hires, newly created roles or difficult contexts. We offer detailed candidate assessments and risk analysis, and help create effective onboarding and integration plans.