Frustration And Complaining The New Norm For Your Team ?

Although employees would like to be fully engaged at work, they end up doing their job on autopilot and figuring out how to work around the issues they are confronted with daily. While the energy spent complaining about and working around issues could be put to much greater use, people simply continue to behave as they have always done while unresolved issues continue to wreak havoc on outcomes.

Whatever stage of growth your organization is at, it is critical that you identify it and take steps to move out of crisis and past the stuck point. Resisting making the investments in the needs of your business and people can create significant blocks to the success of your business, regardless of its age or size.

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Leadership - focused on task
With you, not for you. We don’t just tell you what needs to be done, we do it with you. Learning how to lead and manage new systems and processes as well as changing behaviour takes time and ongoing support. Our commitment is to work with our clients every step of the way to ensure their success.
Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.

Why Aren’t You Delegating?

Delegation is not just handing jobs off, it is considered to be an approach to increase productivity. There are the 6 main reasons why people don’t delegate.

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