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Don’t Blame the Leaders: Train Them!

By: Heather Hilliard          
January 20, 2019 
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Over the years, we have found that only about 5% of leaders that participate in our training programs have had any type of prior leadership development. This is despite the fact that by the time they are working with us, most of them have been in leadership roles for many years and some of them are in very senior positions. Our experience is not unique, as research shows that most leaders have been in the role for, on average, almost a decade before being trained on how to manage people.  

Leaders Are Made, Not Born 

It is not surprising to hear CEOs and other senior leaders complain about ineffective leadership behaviour or to see millennials leaving organizations when leaders continue to be promoted without training. A survey by Aon Hewitt indicated that only 12 percent of organizations said their leaders are extremely effective at meeting business goals and only 7% are extremely effective at retaining talent. Those statistics indicate the presence of a significant leadership performance gap in most businesses. 

Closing the Leadership Gap 

It’s estimated that, currently, as many as two million millennials step into their first leadership role each year. If organizations continue to promote leaders without training, the leadership gap is simply going to grow even further, undermining performance, retention and employee engagement.  

Training alone doesn’t create strong leaders; developing effective leadership habits over time does. Organizations need to focus on helping these first-time managers learn effective leadership skills before they take on management positions and provide support for them during their learning stage. Existing leaders need to break the bad leadership habits that they have developed as a result of not being properly trained.  

What bad leadership habits are present in your organization?  

How is your organization preparing millennials to lead prior to promotion? 

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Originally Published on Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard‘s LinkedIn Page – January 18, 2019

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