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It is challenging for most leaders to objectively and honestly assess the capacity of the organization to deliver on its strategy. After all, it’s much easier to assume that the people we have, who got us to where we are today, have the skills, ability and drive to take the organization through the next part of its journey.

We experience lots of resistance from leaders to examining organizational capacity, everything from ‘you don’t need someone to do that’ to ‘give it more time’. Or, another favourite, ‘we just need to hire the right person’, as though one individual can ensure everything will magically happen. Time and time again, we have seen leaders convinced that someone will step up to the new requirements, even though there is no past evidence to support that belief.

At Caliber, we have worked with organizations large and small through various stages of growth and transition to help them to objectively assess the ability of the organization to fulfill its mission and vision. Our approach considers all aspects from the design of the organization (or function), the capabilities of the people, the drivers of performance, the change requirements as well as the systems, processes and practices essential to achieving the desired outcomes.

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Our deep expertise in organizational effectiveness, strategy, business and people performance management as well as assessment and behavioural change allows us to provide practical insights, as well as creative and pragmatic solutions to ensure your organization has the capacity in place to maximize its potential. Our unique coaching approach ensures that you get the step-by-step support to take your organization to the next level.

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Our clients are exceptional, successful and highly skilled in many ways. However, there are times when even the leaders of an organization need leading, and that extra hand to help get them and their businesses to the next level. That’s our unique capability.