Leadership Qualities - 8 - for leading with authority


8 Qualities Required for Leading With Authority

By: Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.
March 7, 2019 
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Leading with Authority is based on practices of Conscious and Authentic leadership. These two models for leading emerged on the heels of the emotional intelligence movement of the last three decades.

Authentic Leadership is described as the capacity for a leader to behave congruent to their values, ethics and guiding principals with empathy, self-awareness and emotional self-management.

Conscious Leadership is about looking at how a leader can be of service to their own growth, their own development, and whether they are willing to step outside the safety of their comfort zone. This includes being conscious of the effects of decisions and actions on others. It is becoming aware of unconscious patterns and emotions that drive behavior and opens the door to an expanded perspective and new possibilities.

Foundation of Self & Social Awareness

We have identified eight qualities required for Leading with Authority. Each of these qualities has skills associated with them that are most effectively developed once a leader has achieved a certain level of self- and social- awareness. This requires you to reflect on and identify your inner experiences and feelings. You have to consider your current capacity for emotional experiences and empathy with others and how you guard yourself from being vulnerable. It’s only through doing this work that you can make a shift the shift in awareness of what you need to do to lead effectively.

Eight Essential Qualities to Develop

1.     Realistic Sense of Value & Competence 

2.     Self-Determination 

3.     Ask for What They Need

4.     Self-Activate and Take Initiative 

5.     Cooperate & Collaborate with Others 

6.     Reasonable & Balanced Expectations 

7.     Interdependence 

8.     Empathetic (Social Awareness)

Are You Ready to Lead with Authority?

While many people strive for leadership roles, few participate in the development required to be a leader. Developing leadership authority and potency is a commitment to fully realizing your potential as a leader. It means recognizing the reality that leading is a profession that requires you to train, gain experience and mastery to be effective. It starts with you as a human being first, and supports you to demonstrate the characteristics essential to Leading with Authority.

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Originally Published on Anne Dranitsaris’ LinkedIn Account – March 6, 2019