6 Signs You Need Executive or Leadership Coaching

By: Anne Dranitsaris
September 26, 2018    2 min read

Growth and development don’t stop because you are in a senior leadership position. In fact, the unique challenges you face in your role is the best reason for you to have one. If you are a professional leader, or a pro, do what any other professional would do. Hire an Executive Coach.

You need Executive Coaching when:

1. Change and growth have disrupted the leadership team with leaders acting out.

Executive coaching and leadership team facilitation helps you realign your leaders’ efforts behind the organizations goals and affirms their commitment to the team’s vision, mission and values.

2. You are managing, not leading.

Executive coaching helps leaders to lead, making the shift from being a worker bee to inspiring the performance of others.

3. You are preparing for or stepping into a new role.

An Executive Coach can help you navigate the successful transition from one level to the next.

4. You need to improve people’s leadership skills that are interfering with your success. 

An Executive Coach will help you identify behavioural issues that naturally occur in the leadership ranks. They provide insight into how to handle difficult conversations and confront destructive power dynamic on leadership teams.

5. You need to “manage up” because your boss isn’t providing what you need to be successful.

An Executive Coach will challenge you to work through your barriers and any resistance you have to “stepping into the leadership gap” that exists based on the existing leaders and emerging leaders in the organization. 

6. You are so busy doing that you aren’t planning.

If you have lost sight of the vision for what once excited you along with the drive to achieve it, Executive coaching can help.

Executive coaching is an approach to leadership development that is customized and tailored to the needs of the leader and the organization. It is done in the context of the culture and what the leader needs to do to achieve their desired outcomes. It can help you and your leaders reach their highest potential and help you strengthen your leadership team. To work, executive coaching is adapted to your executives’ needs and requirements and those of the organization.